Who is Jetstar?

Jetstar offers great sale fares. Domestic destinations within NZ are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. Trans-Tasman routes are from the four NZ cities direct to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine coast and then on to the other cities around Australia.

To those looking for great fares for further abroad, Jetstar also has sale fares often to Asia including Singapore and onto numerous South East Asia destinations as well as Japan and China.

Look out for Friday Frenzy, a sale fare that is only available on some Fridays between 4pm and 8pm.

Friday Frenzy & Sale Deals

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Handy Friday Frenzy Information

1 - Jetstar Domestic and Trans Tasman Routes

Airbus A320 200

The first row of seats 1A, 1B and 1C are premium because of the leg room and cost and extra $28 each direction. This also goes for the exit rows. Only if you are exceptionally tall would you bother to pay the extra for such short flights.

Seats 1D, 1E and 1F have the galley bulk head and do not offer much leg room and are narrower seats due to the tray table in the arm rest.

The next 3 rows we would consider best on the plane for access and no extra cost.

The least desirable seats are Seats 29D, 29E and 29F due to the toilet being behind the seat.

Seats 30A, 30B and 30C have bulkhead behind them and toilet to the side of them - avoid at all costs.

2 - Tips & Tricks

Watch out for the weekly Friday Frenzy from Jetstar and the occasional sale especially around their anniversary. The deals are very good from Jetstar.

Use the web check in up to 24 hours before your flight and with carry-on baggage only there is no stress about being late for the flight!

Always remember that 98% of the time you think you are late for the flight....you're not :)

Jetstar are known to be damn expensive on baggage at the airport. Make sure if you are on a Jetsaver Light, that you meet the requirements - or that cheap flight just got real expensive.

See our Tips & Tricks page for getting deals.

If you are getting a 'red eye' beware - they always try and push back early from the gate for the first flight of the morning to try and gain some time.

Please note that Jetstar has a reputation for delays. This is true due to the lack of aircraft in NZ which means that engineering or weather problems become a domino for them and there is no back-up aircraft to cover the lost time and delayed passengers.

3 - Carry on baggage

Jetstar Domestic and International
10kg 1 bag Size 56cm (width), 36cm (height) and 23cm (depth) plus Laptop or Handbag*

4 - Checked in baggage

1 piece 20kg costs $10 per sector at time of booking or $80 at airport or $40 through call centre

1 piece 20kg costs $20 per sector at time of booking or $160 at airport or $80 through call centre*