The deal is that we just try to give the user deals that we come across, we are not responsible in part or wholly for the information that we deliver.

We intend to deliver reliable information in a timely and professional manner to our users with all care but no responsibility.

SeeYa Ltd will not be responsible for any misinformation or the unavailability of any deals that we promote. SeeYa Ltd does not control in any respect any information about products or services that are offered by third parties and assumes no responsibilities for the accuracy of the information that we email or have on our website.

SeeYa Ltd is not liable for damages, errors, delays, non delivery of emails or any calamity caused by our service.

SeeYa Ltd is not responsible for any third party offering displayed by our service. The product or service that is offered by the third party via SeeYa Ltd will be subject to that company’s policy and not SeeYa Ltd.

We are not affiliated with any airline or travel agent and do not accept bookings or payment for any of the services or products we promote.

SeeYa Ltd reserves the right to add or modify this disclaimer policy when we feel is necessary.

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