The Short & Sweet Version

All your personal stuff with us is tickety boo and we will not sell your details to anyone....unless it was for $1,000,000,000 and if that happened you can come on holiday with us! Okay? ;)

The Long & Boring Version

SeeYa Ltd has a privacy policy that is firm on protecting its members’ information.

SeeYa Ltd publishes email newsletter with great flight deals. Users can sign up to receive these emails and manage their profile at all times within the website. The user can easily unsubscribe via a link that is on all emails that takes them to their profile for managing the unsubscribe process.

SeeYa Ltd will not share the individual users/members information with any third party.

SeeYa Ltd does send emails with deals from third parties for the benefit of the user and reserves the right to do so.

Advertising or promotions on our newsletter do link through to third parties if that is the nature of the promotion. SeeYa Ltd reserves the right to track the users’ response via standard approved methods. This is to measure behaviour of users and to supply better services for them.

SeeYa Ltd reserves the right to use aggregate data of users’ behaviour for promotion or advertising.

SeeYa Ltd is not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites that we may link through to.

SeeYa Ltd reserves the right to add or modify this privacy policy when we feel is necessary.

Umm and that's about be comfortable that your info is safe and enjoy our service.

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